Day 72: NYC soon

I’ll just claim my seat for today. In two weeks, I’m going up to NYC for a friend’s wedding – just for the weekend of June 11 – and I hope to be able to make it to a meeting. Would love to see if there’s anyone I recognize from my short stunt at GS in spring ’04 – I’m sure the old timers will be around. In any case, it would be so great to be at a f2f meeting again!

So, fingers crossed for that weekend.

Other tidbit for today: I’m hungry again. *sigh* and quite apprehensive about tomorrow, that is, weigh-in day! I don’t feel like I’ve lost anything, and my clothes fit normally. *double-sigh* Well I can’t do anything about either one of those right now, so I’m just offering both these issues up to God and the Greynet.


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