Day 68: 22 more days, so…?

It was funny when my sponsor today asked me what day I was on and I told her and said, only 22 more days to 90! What struck me as funny about that was how easy 22 more days seemed. Early in abstinence, every day was such a struggle and days just didn’t seem to go by, my abstinence seemed like this loooooong, sloooooow stretch of time… and now it’s just happening, days string together all by themselves, I’m not sitting and waiting but I’m out doing things! 22 days, early on, seemed like an eternity… now I’m like, they’re just around the corner!

By the grace of God, though… it’s still a day at a time, and all I’m saying is that I will be abstinent TODAY, no matter what. Let tomorrow take care of itself.


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