Day 66: Disease Blessings

It occurred to me that my disease is a blessing to me. Well-disguised, mind you, but the longer I’m abstinent the more blessings I see that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t have the disease along with its solution, the Greysheet.

This statement may have raised a few eyebrows, I know… let me count the blessings, so to speak.

1 – Life is simple.
Unlike “normal” people, I have a solution to absolutely EVERYTHING in my life: weigh and measure my food. Whatever the disaster is, whatever the problem or difficulty, the decision, the pressure – the answer to is is, weigh and measure.
Normal people have to stress about things like that, they have so many
options and ways to cope, but my life is simple. As long as I weigh and measure, all the rest falls into place.

2 – Me, self-discipline?
I’m not, by nature, self-disciplined. While there certainly is a physical aspect to this disease, I know that I can also binge on GS-legal foods, which has no physical addiction properties. This leads me to conclude that mentally, I simply lack self-discipline – and not just in the food! – and you know what? I do now.
Whatever I may feel inside, I am perfectly disciplined “on the outside” (in my actions, where it counts!) with my food. Again, if I didn’t have this disease, I could never narrow down all my problems into one channel and then just take care of that one thing. I have the disease, so I can. My solution to the disease is a solution to my entire life.

While there are many more blessings I get out of Greysheet, these two are the ones I feel I only get because I have the disease in the first place. Life is so simple because I do, it would be so complicated if I had to find and work out a new solution to every problem.


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