Day 64: After the Toronto LTT

I’m back!

Toronto was a-w-e-s-o-m-e. An incredible trip: abstinent! I came back and still fit into my jeans (well, perhaps they’re a bit looser even). I have found that everyone I came in touch with was amazingly cooperative and supportive – I was hosted privately, so I had told my host (who I’d never met before) to please not cook anything for me, and only get me salad vegetables if she wanted to. But I was prepared to have all my meals from what I took with me. When I got there, the first thing my host did was take me grocery shopping, so I could choose my fresh food myself!

***By the way, note to anyone who’s planning a trip to Canada: they have flavored waters like we do, but they’re NOT SUGAR FREE!! I habitually check all labels, but with this one I really didn’t suspect anything, as they look exactly like the sugar-free waters we get here. Thank goodness I checked!!***

Then the entire week… I had clarity, I was fully there, because food was in its proper place. There was quite a bit of compulsive eating going on around me, or perhaps it only seems so to me, but I wasn’t part of it: I always carried in my own food. That’s why I could form new friendships, meet new people, be truly present around my friends. Since this was a church conference, I also found that I was more open to God (as I understand Him) than ever – food gives me that clarity – and because I can focus and concentrate and really listen, I feel like I’ve been catapulted to an entirely new level with God. There was much emotional healing this week, which I didn’t even specifically ask for… anyway, an awesome week.

I was worried that I might have trouble once I get back, because I’d relax my hold on abstinence – I’m one of those people who often get through difficult situations well, but then binge later (i.e. the day after Christmas) – but I found that when I got home, I was immediately back into the routine I had established before, and today I’m back to work the first day and abstinence is still my #1 priority.

It’s good to be back, friends! I hope you had a wonderful week as well, and stay abstinent today, as I will… no matter what.


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