Day 54: Preparing for Toronto

I will quite likely not have any opportunities to post next week, at all. I’ll be in Toronto the entire week, at a conference, and I can’t even tell whether I’ll be able to make it to any phone bridge meetings. Of course I’ll still connect to my sponsor. I go into this as prepared as can be, and of course, committed. I must not break my precious abstinence, come what may.

Abstinence has given me so many things that there is no way I would want to jeopardize it. I thank God for this community, and I promise to make outreach calls whenever I can, whether I feel shaky or not. Today I’m thankful for the GS community, but also for:

  • being rid of 80% of yesterday’s cramping/pain
  • having a half-day today at work
  • spending the other half of the day on a fun trip with my colleagues
  • the fact that this trip begins with a potluck lunch (translation: I get to bring my own pre-weighed food without anyone raising their eyebrows!)
  • having found someone who will buy my bed for $150 tonight
  • being able to rent a car for a day in Toronto with those $150 (even though I *am* quite disgruntled that I have to pay $25 more than everyone else because I’ll only be 25 in October)
  • having found someone who will take care of my cat for that week
  • having lots of time tomorrow to pack for the trip
  • being able to go to said conference, I’m excited & can’t wait!!!

Many other things, these are just the highlights. I can appreciate all these things because I’m abstinent on the Greysheet, because even though I still might have all these things if I wasn’t abstinent, they would bring me no joy but only stress.


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