Day 53: It’s PMS!

I found out why I was so hungry yesterday! And why I was so whiney. And why I was so negative, irritable, unsociable, impatient, and all the rest, which really isn’t me.

Ta-da, lightbulb moment: PMS! (Today I’m in excuciating pain, but that’s fine because I can medicate that with ibuprofen… but how the heck do you medicate PMS?!)

I always used to think I didn’t have PMS. That’s because it was hidden underneath all the fog of food and overeating, but Greysheet gives me the clarity to see. All this week, I’ve been wondering why I suddenly didn’t want to exercise any more, was so hungry, wanted to eat more right after a filling meal. And yesterday I really watched myself turn into this other person, irritable, nasty. Yesterday all I wanted to do was call someone and WHINE. Like a kid, whine whine whine. Luckily for all the Greysheeters whose numbers I have, I didn’t reach anyone. *laughs* So I went on the phonebridge and listened to voices of reason there.

Anyway, next month I’ll be better prepared and more aware of the cycles I go through, because it really affects my GS abstinence. Food just can’t be an option, and when I’m hungry at PMS, I’m just going to go for fattier legal foods with my 3 legal meals.


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