Day 52: Hungry!

I feel, but I don’t see, weight coming off. It’s a frightening feeling. I feel like I’m losing substance, and I’m cold much of the time (which is because my office is very airconditioned, but my mind makes the connection to food and wants me to self-medicate!). Yet, with all this, I don’t see weight coming off. I feel like I’m only getting the bad things out of losing weight! Which is kind of funny.

I also get hungry these days. I believe that’s because my lunch protein these days – I cook once per month – is a virtually fat free one, which wasn’t really my purpose when I bought it, I just took what was on sale and didn’t have any bones in it. Of course I know there would have been other choices, fattier choices, and for next time I will know to prefer those. But now I’m stuck with this fat-free lunch protein and I get very hungry very early into the evening. It’s a good discipline training, and I won’t pick up no matter what, but I’d rather feel satisfied and full!

So, in planning for my next month’s cooking, I will make sure I make a better choice. I’ve been wanting to try an animal-free protein which tends to be cheaper than organic animal protein – I’m still too European to trust American non-organic animal proteins, where you get your antibiotics whether you need them or not), but it will have to be freezable and fairly easy to make about 30 portions of it at a time. I know of at least one vegan on this board, so if you have any ideas and tips, I’d very much welcome them.


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