Day 47: Feelings

Feeling feelings today. Not good ones, either. I walked by some teenager kids today (I work for a school), and one of them said the name of an online game I play when I’m bored at work. Just to let me know she knew. If that kid knew she just ruined my day.

Now I’m feeling –

  • guilty, because I’m wasting time at work playing online games. (I like my job, but it’s a constant battle and I do get tired of it all… so I’ll waste a lot of time playing around)
  • angry at the kid, because of the apparent nastiness.
  • scared, because who knows whose kid that is and who she’s told.
  • ashamed, because I waste the time that I’m getting paid for.

I’m not eating, I’m not even thinking about eating. I don’t tend to eat over feelings anyway (I would eat out of boredom… but I never had that “eat over it” issue). But I’m feeling downright nasty right now and it feels good to get it out there, and to put a confession out there.


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