Day 46: Gratitude

Abstinence is the most important thing in my life and I’m very grateful for this gift.

My reading today was on reaching out to others, keeping myself part of the community. I find this a conscious effort I’m making, now. When I started out, I hung on for dear life – went to lots of phone meetings, connected with people – but now, days just seem to merge into one another and there’s a routine, so I find myself just living life and not thinking too much about GS at all. That’s dangerous ground, and I know it. So for today, I did service on a phone meeting by keeping the time and I’m also reaching out on here. I am part of this community, and I want to be an active part.

As long as I guard my abstinence consciously, and I make every effort to do that, I find that life is good. I’m so happy to be out of the food, the fog, the self-hatred. When I began to respect myself physically (in other words, give my physical body the nourishment it needs, no more and no less), the feelings began to follow. In this, I find that little slogan proves true: “Just do it, and the feelings will follow”.

From a very grateful heart today, NMW.


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