Day 44: Tired

I’m tired, tired, tired.

I could fall asleep in my office, on my chair. I drink a black legal beverage with caffeine – usually I go for decaf, but not today. I need energy and I don’t know where to get it from. Yesterday was just as bad, if not worse (I didn’t drink anything but decaf & water yesterday, but I learned!). And that’s with 9 hours sleet yesterday and almost 7 hours last night! I wonder what’s up. Could my body still be adjusting to GS? I’ve had a regular amount of energy the past few weeks, after the initial fatigue that plagued me through week 1.

I really don’t know what else it could be. Sure, I’m very busy, but that has never been a problem. And I sleep very well, I don’t wake up at all during the night (never have).

Anyway, feeling kinda out of sorts today but that’s in one hand and my food is in the other – I don’t clap because I’d rather take 10 times the fatigue I feel today than go back to food hell.


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