Day 39: 10/10 meals

I’m learning that not all of my meals are going to be delicious. Dinner yesterday was actually dreadful – I had used a canned protein in it, and I think it went bad during the day. It turned green in places, anyway. By the time I needed to have dinner, I was ravenous, but I wasn’t home, so I had to eat what was there. And I did. Can’t say it was good, but my stomach has been abused in a much worse fashion, so I was fine physically.

It’s still a big priority for me that my breakfast is good. Looking forward to breakfast keeps me abstinent in the evening. Then it starts my day off with a true grateful heart, because I get to have this delicious food and have a good conscience as I eat it. The other meals, as much as I’d like them to be good, aren’t so easy – just because I’m never home for lunch or dinner (but for lunch I generally have a microwave, which makes having a cooked vegetable a lot easier, whereas for dinner I don’t have any preparation facilities). So lunch tends to be good – after all, I can freeze stuff and microwave it – it’s just repetitious, but I’m fine with that. I used to repeat my binge foods as well… I’m not bothered by lack of variety. I vary my proteins every few weeks, as I run out of the reserve I’ve frozen (that way, I only have to cook once every couple of weeks!). Dinner, however, can only be something I can eat cold. It’s a challenge to make that taste good, but perhaps I’m just not experienced enough, I’m sure there are GS’ers out there who are facing just what I do and can help me out a little here?

Anyway, as for yesterday… I ate my not-so-tasty dinner, then got some black coffee to wash it down with, and it was fine. I had breakfast to look forward to. So I guess the moral of the story, for me, is: make sure at least ONE of your daily meals is a 10/10! 😉


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