Day 37: Weigh-day approaching

Interesting how my clothes keep getting looser. All the while as they do so, I keep trying to convince myself that the scale won’t reflect it, because if it does (just in case), I’ll be happy – rather than the other way round, if I expect to see a drop and it hasn’t happened. I know, I know it’s several days until then. But still! I’m already thinking about it.

It’s just that my history with losing weight has always been so tedious. I don’t lose weight quickly. I gain it quickly, to be sure, but losing it is a whole different story. I once did Atkins *perfectly* for two full months, and by the end of that time, I hadn’t lost a pound. (So I went out and started a three-week binge.)

So, because weigh-day is approaching and I am committed to CGS no matter what – weight off or not – I’m planning my internal response now, because failure to plan is planning to fail. I must not fail.


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