Day 25: Moving soon?

I have to share a big woo-hoo today! My landlady called yesterday. I live on a former horse farm, which is a large building that’s divided for five people. I have my own private room, but I share my kitchen, living room, and bathroom with one other person. I love the location, the price is great, and I just love living in such an old, beautiful house. I’ve lived there since 1/1/05, so it’s been just about four months and a bit.

Anyway, so my landlady called me yesterday to ask me if I would be interested to move into her place (which is an actual horse farm!), where she has a full apartment with kitchenette, fireplace, separate entrance and a room that’s double the size of the one I live in now. Add to that, the whole deal will cost me $25 per month LESS than what I pay now! I will go look at it tomorrow, but I just wanted to share this because I’m so excited. It sounds perfect! I think the reason she offers it to me is that she seems to have such a high opinion of me… I guess I’ve just never given her any trouble and on the 1st of each month, my rent check is in her box. To me, that’s the most normal thing in the world. But apparently not so for everyone.

Ah well – so, that’s my excitement for the day. I will have to go out for lunch with my highest boss today, and for him to take me out to lunch means that there must be some sort of crisis… I hope it’s not with what I do, but about the trouble we’ve been having with my other boss (who’s being extremely unreasonable right now) so maybe it’s just because he doesn’t want to be overheard or meet with me where everyone can see. In any case, I choose not to worry about it right now, because I’ll find out in less than four hours, anyway.


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