Day 24: Compassion

I read something interesting today in my little “Daily Reflections” book. It talked about self pity, and how it got me into this mess. At first I was thinking, well, I’m not that self-pitying at all. I don’t whine and seek pity from others. That’s what my father, a lifetime alcoholic, used to do and I detested it.

But then something occurred to me: my lack of compassion for others. What else is that, if not self-pity? I am essentially thinking to myself that the other person ought to stop whining because they don’t even know what a hard time is. Not like *I* do. (And since coming on to Greynet, I am being humbled to see what kind of backgrounds people come out of, and what kind of situations they go through – abstinently…) Isn’t that an even more detestable form of self pity than whining about my situation? I don’t feel sorry for myself, but I don’t easily feel sorry for others either.

With some problems I see people struggle with, my first thought is, “just get over it”. But isn’t it me who has the most pathetic problem of all, then? I have a pathetic problem in that I can’t control what others don’t even have to think about: food. I have had to learn that “get over it” won’t do it for me, I can’t just “get over it”. Maybe other people’s problems are just as valid, even though they may not seem so to me, because my own problem may not seem very valid to them either.

Just my thoughts for the day. I weigh and measure my delicious GS food that I have committed to my sponsor, just for today, and tomorrow is a new day that I can look forward to because of what I do today.


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