Day 23: Melancholy & Pain

Today I’m just glad I have Internet and I get to read all the posts – about 80 to catch up with.

I’m also still feeling somewhat blue today.

It doesn’t help that I’m in pain as well… monthly pain that is always bad, but somehow seems worse today. If I wasn’t taking Ibuprofen, I would be in such pain that I wouldn’t even have the strength to scream (or walk, or sit, or lay in bed… this is misery). I **loathe** taking pills – never had any addictions in that regard, but I just don’t like putting artificial stuff in my body to fool it. Today I’m forced to eat two pills every two hours or I
couldn’t be working.

What’s important is that I’m abstinent and not making the situation worse by eating compulsively. For today, I have enough stress and pain as it is and at least in the food, I have freedom, which is huge.


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