Day 11: Fatigue

I think I’m giving my sponsor much too easy a job. I’m still doing fine.

And this week, for some reason, I’m really wearing my “bedroom slippers” when it comes to exercise. I was just getting into a routine, going to the gym before work, but this week it’s just not happening. I don’t know why – this morning there was a class I was actually looking forward to, but when the alarm rang, I just couldn’t be bothered. And I miss the exercise, I really do – normally I’m one of those people who are asleep the minute their head hits the pillow. No kidding. But last night and the night before, it was tough to go to sleep… which has NEVER happened before… which leads me to think that I’m just not tired enough, in other words, I haven’t spent my energy.

But if that’s so, why can’t I get up in the morning??

These are really secondary considerations as long as I weigh and measure, which I do. I’m not beating myself up about exercising, but NOT doing it has all these side effects I don’t want, and still I can’t seem to get up in the morning. I’ve tried every single day this week. And it’s not like I can do it in the evening, because every single evening, I’m out doing things and don’t get home until 10pm.

Ah, well… keeping in mind that I wouldn’t have any of these issues if I were in the food, because food would be all there is, I’m grateful for today and will stick to GS no matter what. Have a wonderful day, all.


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