Day 4: Muscle

Wow, to be four days in and still going strong? I’m amazed with myself.

Yesterday I heard a tidbit of wisdom that’s so OBVIOUS, and yet I’d never made the connection before… it’s like switching on that proverbial light bulb over my head, and I went “duh!” – my sponsor told me she sees times of food cravings as building muscle in abstinence. I always saw them negatively, was scared of the cravings, afraid I was going to give in, and (in my dieting history) eventually always DID give in.

Buildling muscle. Can’t say I look forward to it, but it’s a whole different perspective 🙂

I won’t be able to be online during the weekend. But I’m going to be in phone meetings and, by God’s grace, I will not eat anything other than committed GS food, no matter what.


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