One week, hungry

thank you all so much for the support. It’s not just that I can post my daily struggles on here, but I know that people actually read them (because I know I read *all* posts) and even reply with their experience, strength and hope. Thank you so much.

Today I’m completing my first ever abstinent week! Thanks to the grace of God I’m abstinent today, measuring 3 meals a day off the GS, and making abstinence the most important thing in my life. I’m excited! Had you told me I’d be able to not stuff my face with sugar/carb food for an entire WEEK, a month ago I’d have sadly told you you’re crazy. But here I am today! Wow…

However, today I’m not doing all that well. Sure, I do stick to the 3 meals and all the rest, but I’m hungry. I was hungry yesterday, too. I wake up hungry even though I don’t have dinner until 10pm, then I’m hungry long before lunch, and then it’s forever until dinner. And of course, the portions are more like teasers than real fillers. I’m unsatisfied, to be frank.

I’m having as substantial meals as possible off the GS, just your basic meat and cooked veggies. But I watch my colleagues at work have their salads, AFTER I finished my lunch, and I’m still hungry and could eat their food. I figured I’d give myself half an hour after lunch to get the “full” feeling, I know that’s a delayed function, but it’s just not coming. I fill up on diet sodas (which I don’t actually like, but they stick around longer than water does) and I know that’s not good.

*sigh* hanging in there, but not very happy,


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